Art Studio 179 (Digital Art 1) Winter 2013

Web Project

Due Tuesday January 29, 2013

Your assignment is to create a work of web art or net art. Your project will be graded on the basis of:

  1. its conceptual ambitions that address art works from the past (new media art works or other art works), issues in digital culture today (i.e. online privacy), and/or contemporary topics (news items);
  2. at minimum, fulfillment of technical requirements;
  3. aesthetics or experiential quality of the work; and finally
  4. exploration of the medium of the web itself.

For this assignment, create at least 10 .html pages (unless your work suffices with fewer pages for conceptual or design reasons) that constitute a complete static website. A complete static website means that the user should be able to fully experience the work from within the browser. Please write your HTML/CSS/Javascript by hand (not using an editor like Dreamweaver); the lab computers have Smultron installed; you may use any other text editor (set in plain text, not rich text format) like TextEdit, BBEdit, TextMate, HTML-Kit, etc. Please resize your images so that they are at 72 dpi resolution.

In class, we saw examples of, hypertext, ASCII art, media critique, hacktivism, and performative gestures. Your website could be the art object itself; alternatively, it could document an art performance.