Art Studio 179 (Digital Art 1) Winter 2014

Week 2: Thursday

The Web Project is due Tuesday January 28. Discuss your proposal next week with me.

Slides from class

Discuss reading: Vannevar Bush, As We May Think

Early days of the web

Some examples of (~ 1994-99), plus

Hacktivsm, tactical media, culture jamming, and more

See more examples

Introduce the Web Project

Getting started with HTML (HTML4 is OK for our purposes)

  • If you haven't written HTML before, you should read Parts 1 and 2 of Learning Web Design this weekend (see dropbox)
  • You can also do the Web Fundamentals track on Code Academy this weekend
  • In doing so, I'd like you to be familiar with the following:
    • See a few basic pages in Dropbox "HTML junk"
    • The Document Object Model (DOM)
    • The simplest html page (index.html in "HTML junk"): doctype, head, body tags
    • head contains title, meta tags, include stylesheets, javascript here
    • body contains the main content of the page
    • Text: headline, subheadlines, paragraph, similar to a news article
    • Images
    • Hyperlinks
    • Lists
    • Tables
    • Frames
    • If you're done with that, play around with CSS (Part 3 of Learning Web Design); you can dig deeper into this early next week
    • Set up your Stanford AFS account. Upload an index.html page to it with some text that says "hello world".
    • If you need, activate CGI on your AFS account - it takes 24 hrs

If you're done with that, other things you may want to try and some handy tools

Browser Extensions. Many of these are for Chrome, but Firefox has similar ones too

Food for thought

Reading for Tuesday Week 3

  • Six selections Oulipo (NMR #12)
  • Theodore Nelson, A File Structure for the Complex, the Changing and the Indeterminate (NMR #11)
  • Come next time with a draft/proposal for your web project